We have used the Magic PR service since 2019 after getting a recommendation from a respected marketer.  After a clear consultation call where Maj explained the system, its focus and where it could improve a GMB profile and organic rankings we decided to test a few of our projects with him.  The results were very positive, and we have continued using the service since then.  Magic PR are always happy to receive feedback from us and it has been great to see the service develop and evolve over time.  Maj has continued to improve the quality and value of the service, which is always appreciated, and it will be exciting to see how it develops in the future.

Chris Tanti


I have experienced tremendous results with Maj’s Magic PR service. Several clients are in a tough niche when it comes to local maps. We ordered a couple of press releases and within days of his work being completed client went from #8 in maps to #3 spot and one month later the main keyword is #1 – no geographic modifier – just the service keyword. I highly recommend Magic PR.
Carolyn Holzman

Over The Top SEO

I’ve been using the Magic PR service across all of my clients for the last year. I’ve had great success increasing the authority of my clients’ sites as a whole as well as specific pages we are looking to rank. I have gotten great results across all online industries from SaaS to E-Commerce. The writing is on point, communication is fast and the service drums up literally hundreds of links for each press release submission. It is always a go-to process now for my link building campaigns.
Bradley Keys

All Star Digital

As a digital marketing agency owner that’s been in the business for almost a decade with high-end clients (like lawyers and surgeons, and national franchises), I’m always on the lookout for a way to add value for our clients and get them the most bang for their buck. Being that I’ve been doing this for a while, I have seen so many services come and go.

It’s so easy to fall into the cycle of chasing the shiny objects that promise the world but fail to deliver for one reason or another, but now and then something comes out that is so good you can’t help but talk about it! When you come across a product that blows your mind with the amount of value you get from it one can’t help but share it with others (although I have to say sometimes it is tempting to keep it to myself…lol) Maj is providing value beyond belief with his Press Release services. It is refreshing to see someone out there helping everybody win!

You need to jump in view the results for yourself. The truth is I’ve never seen any other press release service like it. I’m not getting anything from this review; I can’t help telling you that it’s one of the best offerings that I’ve added to what we already provide our clients. When we take on a new client, we now add this to our standard process. We do this because it’s worth every single penny (an absolute no-brainer) Maj has put something together that we don’t have the time even to consider building in-house.

I believe in keeping everything in-house and try to keep everything close to the chest (I guess it’s just the control freak in me), but I’ll tell you what, Maj has done a fantastic job putting this PR service together! He does a tremendous job supporting his clients, and the service he provides is technically spectacular. Like I’ve told him several times “Just keep doing what you do!”

Jose Ponce Jr

Authority Solutions

I have been a regular client of Magic PR for the past 2 years. Not only did they get my pages ranking on the top of Google, but they’re always here when I need advice. If a project takes more than a few weeks to rank, I start getting nervous and impatient – and get in touch with Maj at Magic PR with all my questions. He’s always here and answers all of my questions patiently.

I recently had a site I wanted to rank that was nowhere to be found – it was not ranking at all. With the help of Magic PR, this site is already ranking in the Top 20 for multiple search phrases and they keep on moving up.

My experience with Magic PR has been only positive and when they confidently say you need to give your campaign a few more weeks, that’s what they mean! Just be patient and let them do their work – they WILL get the site they’re working on for you, to the top of Google!

Jayne Brook

I was extremely pleased with the service offered by Magic PR. I’ve worked with all the big PR companies over the years and I have to say this was the best experience I ever had. Customer support is amazing and you can get answers to all your questions quickly. The syndication is great and the reports I received were detailed and concise. Additionally, Magic PR did an entire link building campaign in Google properties and Cloud links. It was really professionally done and I was super impressed. Needless to say, I ordered more and will again!
Richard Porter

Digital Profilers

I really just have to rant and rave about Maj’s Press Release service. I have a roofing client in a major US city. He was on page 3 for his GMB. With the submission of the first press release he began popping up all over the city for different keywords and received 3 leads. I warned him that Google does a dance and it may drop off. So, the first things out of his mouth were order 2 more.

All I can tell you is that this service WORKS! and quickly. When I received the first report with over 300 sites, I was impressed. Then the second report where he supports those Press Releases with Google and the Cloud stacks, Next Level Kind of Stuff. The done for you service is worth its weight in SEO Gold!

Raymon Pepito

Level Rayz LLC

I had a client in a very competitive niche, and wanted to try something new, to move the needle. I approached Maj, and decided to buy 3 Gold press release campaigns . Already after the first press release, we have seen very significant movement, and at least 25% more traffic. So, this has really been money well spent, and I am going to incorporate his service for all new SEO clients. Besides being a really nice guy, his service is excellent and professional, and I have only good things to say.
Jesper Nissen

SEO Danmark

I have used Magic PR countless times and Maj is the best. Great communication and great product. This is not your average press release service. It goes above and beyond with their stacking and embed capabilities. Would highly recommend.
Chad Debolt


I have been using several different PR services, and beyond no doubt, Magic PR is the best I have used. The Power of the distribution and Magic PR’s magic makes it second to none. I highly recommend it.
Henrik Hansen

Socialis Ipsum Media

We’ve been using Maj’s PRs for both our tougher niche clients and affiliate sites for over a year now and are extremely satisfied with the flexibility, turnaround time, and ranking results.
Bruno Souza

Black Swan Media Co